From low-volume manufacturing to mass production, International Toiletries Co., Ltd. will
meet any order with our production system, on-site capabilities and teamwork.

We have constructed a production system capable of producing products according to customer needs.
We are committed to “quality, speed, cost, and environment”,
and are constantly engaged in developing innovative approaches
and proposing the most effective production methods
and how to deal with diversifying consumer needs etc.,
so that we can cooperate with our customers to develop high quality and efficient production.

Receipt of raw materials

Raw materials required for production are delivered.

Incoming inspection

Compatibility to prescribed standards are confirmed.


Each raw material is stored separately until production.

Measurement of raw materials

Raw materials are measured for blending.

Bulk manufacturing

Required amounts of materials are blended using prescribed manufacturing equipment.

Physical property measurement and microorganism test

The blended bulk is checked for compatibility to the standard.

Filling and packing finishing

Bulk is filled in designated containers and packed and finished.


Approved products are shipped.