International Toiletries Co., Ltd. is a company which carries out contracted OEM production such as cosmetics and quasi-drugs, etc.
From low volume production to mass production, we will meet every need of our customers.


    Development and Production of safe and reliable cosmetics under a strict quality control system

    We have acquired ISO9001 and ISO22716 certification.
    All business operations from sales, product development, quality control to manufacturing are managed through our quality management system.


    Wide variety of proposals through many formulation assets

    With our many accumulated formulation assets,
    we will make samples according to the image of the cosmetics you would like to create, and
    we will explain about every raw material.
    Please feel free to consult us.


    Manufacture of safe and reliable products in a cosmetics GMP standard factory

    Along with complying with cosmetics GMP,
    through quality activities with the past experiences and know-how,
    we are manufacturing cosmetics under improved quality control.


    Well-equipped facilities available for low volume and multi-variety production to mass production

    With well-equipped production facilities and system for low volume to mass production,
    we can fulfill wide variety and high-frequency production.

The life cycle of a product has been getting shorter, but we can handle any kind of product.
We will deliver products that match your company’s needs.

  • 01


  • 02

    Formula development and evaluation test

  • 03

    Selection of packing material specifications

  • 04

    Proposal for estimate

  • 05

    Determination of product specifications

  • 06


  • 07

    Quality inspection

  • 08

    Shipping and delivery

  • Kanagawa Prefecture Cosmetic Industry Association

  • Tokyo Toiletry Association

  • Hair Coloring Association

  • Japan Permanent Wave Solution Association


If you have a question, please call us or use the contact form.

0463-87-7373 Operating hours: On weekdays 8:30 to 17:30