Spirit of Research & Development

We have developed and accumulated our cosmetics formulations for over half a century since our establishment.
Based on our knowledge and technique, we will work together to explore and commercialize excellent and unique products to meet the diversity of consumer needs.


We sincerely listen to our customer’s request and grasp it definitely, and develop and propose original cosmetics that are compatible with targeted market for individual customers based on the latest needs and trends of the market.


Our highly-skilled researchers realize speedy development and proposals of formulations, using our accumulated formulation database. We can also provide documents quickly and flexibly for pharmaceutical affairs in Japan and for overseas exports.


In view of compliance, and with usage of selected raw materials according to safety standards, we develop safe products. We confirm the stability and preservation effect of active ingredients and base materials.

Research Development

Every activity for every customer (ITC Way)

Research Developmentの流れ

Pursuit of Speed/Quality/Cost/Environment

We possess formulation database of cosmetics development for over half a century.
Our highly specialized researchers speedily develop and propose quasi-drugs and cosmetics.
We can also serve as a manufacturing license application agency based on Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act.

Formulation library

Formulation library統計

Abundant formulation library accumulated through our cosmetics development for over half a century.
We can propose the latest products pursuing market trends, according to our customer’s requirements.


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